In-water inspections (dams)

Inspect dams upon removal or placing any items. Inspection photo or with CCTV system 


Seabed inspection /quayside inspection 

Determine seabed depth/items on seabed inspect quayside damage etc.


Temporary blanking of water pipes 

Blanking of any underwater water pipe to assist with any repair within a dams pump house.


Permanent blanking of water pipes 

Permanent blanking of a water pipe that are not to be used anymore. 


Cleaning out trach rack and water box.

Clean out of the track rack to ensure proper water flow. Removal of any item in the water box so that the pumps do not pick it up. 


Removal of water pumps

To assist with the removal of under water pump  


Installing water pumps 

To assist with the installation of under water pumps


Dams/reservoirs water check inspection.

Inspections done to ensure there are no cracks or damage to the wall or reservoirs.


Mine Salvage Recoveries 

To assist with the recovery of any item that may have falling or sunk in to the water.  

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