Underwater Hull Cleaning



Full Underwater Hull Cleaning

  • Includes – Rudder, Propeller, Stern, Sea Chests, Vertical Sides, Flat, Bottom, Fire Intakes and Bow Thruster Grids (if accessible in water)


Partial Cleanings

  • Includes partial cleans should only certain areas of the vessels require underwater cleaning.


Niche Cleanings

  • Includes – Thorough cleaning of any specific areas of the vessel, eg Sea Chests.


Bow Thruster Cleaning

  • Includes bow thruster cleaning if the bow thrusters are accessible to our divers through underwater access.


Bilgekeels Cleaning

Propeller Polishing


  • Includes – Cleaning and polishing of the ships propeller.

Underwater Inspections




  • Includes a videographic inspection as well as communication from the diver to determine the general condition of the vessels hull, inclusive of the rudders, propeller, sea chests, vertical sides and flat bottom.


Photographic Inspections

  • Includes a photographic inspection of the general condition of a vessel’s hull, including the rudders, propeller, sea chests, vertical sides and flat bottom.


General Fouling Surveys

  • Includes a cctv and photographic inspection to determine the fouling levels of the vessel below the water line.

Ship Repairs


Rope Removals

  • Removal of wire, fishing nets, and other debris from the vessel’s rope guard and shaft.



Sealing Stern Tube Glands


Anode Replacements

  • Replacing of old and depleted anodes on a vessel, either by bolt on or welded.


Underwater Welding


Cropping of Damaged Propeller Blade

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