Underwater Hull Cleaning
& Propeller Polishing

With well-trained, experienced and certified divers, state of the art equipment and professional support teams, we provide underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing services to ship owners, ship managers and charterers.

This service includes:

Underwater Hull Cleaning

Our Underwater Hull Cleaning services are offered with the following options:

  • Full Underwater Hull Cleaning - A full underwater hull cleaning service, including the rudders, propeller, stern, sea chests, vertical sides, flat bottom, fire intakes and bow thruster grids (if accessible in water)

  • Partial Cleaning - A partial cleaning of only certain areas of the vessel that requires underwater cleaning e.g. stern

  • Niche Cleaning - A niche cleaning of any specific areas of the vessel e.g. sea chests

  • Bow Thruster Cleaning - A bow thruster cleaning if the bow thrusters are accessible to our divers underwater

  • Bilgekeels Cleaning

Propeller Polishing

A cleaning and polishing of the vessel’s propeller

Our Equipment

Our state of the art and environmentally friendly hull cleaning equipment consists of a vacu-cart and reclaim filtration system.

This technology captures all removed fouling, which is passed through a multistage, modular filtration and treatment system. Therefore, ensuring that the water environment is not affected by the cleaning operation.

Our filtration system is US Coast Guard and IMO Type approved, and accredited by DNV-GL and Lloyd’s Register.

Our Service Locations

Richards Bay