Underwater Repairs

With well-trained, experienced and certified divers, state of the art equipment and professional support teams, we can perform all type of complex underwater vessel repair services for ship owners, ship managers and charterers.

This service includes:

This service includes:

Rope Entanglement/Removal

Removal of wire, fishing nets and other debris from the vessel’s rope guard and shaft

Kettle Patches / Crack Arrests repairs

Blanking of Sea Chests/Plugging of Intakes or Overboard Discharges

The dive team creates an airtight seal allowing the vessel to remove any valves etc. while preventing any water from entering the vessel

Cofferdam Installation

A cofferdam installation is required when the overboard discharge or repair area is too large for a blanking to cover. This is typically a custom unit built by engineers and installed by the dive team

Underwater Welding

Wet welding for temporary or permanent underwater repairs

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